Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Website Blog.

Over the next few months I will keep you updated on whats going on in our small corner of the world and how different and diverse our daily life can be. Additionally I will be writing some detailed descriptions of each of our dive sites, in particular the WW2 dive sites that surround us.

The island of Tulagi on which we are based, was originally a British Protectorate settled by missionaries.  It remained under colonial rule up until WW2 whereby the Japanese Army invaded and occupied the island for some time.

In 1943, the US and allied forces initiated their pacific campaign in the region and subsequently ousted the Japanese here prior to making the push for Guadalcanal across the 22 miles of sea known today as Iron Bottom Sound.

During that period, some of the deadliest sea/land battles of the pacific took place in these waters and as such many ships, aircraft and lives were lost from both sides.

Today, we and the local community are able to benefit from history by diving these sites and educating a new generation of divers on the sacrifices and devastation of war.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our Blog and check back in regularly for updates.  As always, if you need further information then feel free to contact us on the email provided in the Contacts tab.