Twin Tunnels Reef

The beautiful Twin Tunnels Reef is a pinnacle reef rising up from the sea floor to within 17m of the surface.

The top of the reef measures approximately 100m x 100m and is jam-packed with fish life, soft & hard corals, turtles, pelagic and all manner of tropical fish species.  It is a truly colourful and majestic wonderland;  a great spot for the keen photographer and easily accessible for divers of all experience levels.

On top of the reef are two “lava tubes” (The twin Tunnels) approximately 4m in diameter which drop vertically from the top of the reef down to the 38m mark exiting inside a large cavern which then opens out to the side of the reef.  From this vantage point divers can watch the schools of fish hovering in the current along the drop-off before ascending back along the wall to the top of the reef again.  A truly stunning dive.

Dropping down the Twin Tunnels – Credit Mark Hatter