Transport Options…

Tulagi Island is located 22 nautical miles east of Honiara. The stretch of water between Honiara and Tulagi is known as Iron Bottom Sound due to the large number of US, Allied and Japanese warships sunk there during WW2. There is no airport in the Florida Islands and therefore all access is by boat. Depending on the boat and the weather, the trip can take anywhere from 1-1.5hrs.

Depending on your budget and appetite for risk you can choose between the 4 options listed below;
– Raiders Provided Transfers     (As available)
– MV Aviavi    (Mon, Wed & Fri)
– Local Passenger Longboat   (Every day except Sunday)
– Local Longboat Charter  (Any day)

Raiders Transfer

Raiders boats have competent Skippers, emergency flares, VHF radios, first aid kit, GPS and life jackets, we also have protocols in place to ensure that a rescue boat is on standby while you travel should the need arise.

Raiders Hotel & Dive One Way Transfers: (All prices exclude 10% Sales tax)

MV Cobra 9.2m Aluminium Fastcraft 250hp

1 – 2 passengers = SBD$1,500.00 per person

3 – 10 passengers = SBD$800.00/person


This Vessel is available for charter, please email for a quotation.


Alternative transport options:

MV Aviavi

  MV Aviavi is a support vessel for the Aviavi International Shipyard and Slipway located in the Tulagi Harbour.  Although her prime role is to provide logistical support to the shipyard the company has had her surveyed to carry passengers as well.  Seats are available to the public from Honiara to Tulagi and return, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

MV Aviavi departs Honiara on these days anytime after 2pm and departs Tulagi for Honiara at 8:30 am on Monday , Wednesday and Friday mornings.

The trip takes approx 1 hr 45mins each way and costs SBD$150.00/person one way.

To book a seat from Honiara and receive instructions as to where to board the boat please contact any of the following staff members;

Patricia  +677 7863578   Albert +677 7496434     Miriam  +677 7495568    Nicky +677 7136656


Grab a seat on a Local Passenger Longboat or Hire one for yourself…..

Hire a longboat from the Point Cruz Yacht Club (Honiara) or the Tulagi Waterfront.

A seat on a Local Passenger (Shared Boat) Longboat will cost between SBD$100 – 150 one way depending on how much baggage you have.  These boats congregate in the area beside the Point Cruz Yacht Club each day and generally depart from Honiara mid – afternoon.  The same boats will depart Tulagi for Honiara each day between 0700 – 0830 hrs.  Note that these boats DO NOT operate on Sunday’s, if you wish to travel across on a Sunday then you’re only option is to charter a boat.  Note that many of these boats do not carry any safety equipment including life jackets and are usually overloaded. Before committing to a boat we suggest you ask if Life Jackets at least are available.  Please make your choice wisely.

These boats have permission to dock at Raiders Hotel & Dive if delivering guests.

Longboat Charter

A charter boat (exclusively for you) can set you back SBD $1000 + fuel costs,  Actual price is negotiated directly with the boat owner.  This is a great way to take a day trip over to Tulagi as the boat will wait and return you to Honiara whenever you are ready.  Raiders recommends Bugao Transport who have two boats with competent Skippers, reliable and maintained Yamaha outboards and good quality life jackets.

Contact Robert +677 7639670 or Komnis +677 7636798 for bookings.