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Raiders Hotel & Dive in association with New Zealand Diving and Go Dive Malborough (NZ) is offering a selection of organised Dive Trips to the Solomon Islands in 2018.  These trips will cater to both Sport and Technical Divers providing a mix of reef and WW2 wreck dives.  Dates for 2018 are set with a choice of either a 6 day or 11 Day dive adventure.

The dates/packages are programmed around the Virgin Airlines schedules From Brisbane to Honiara and are priced ex-Honiara.  This means that anyone from anywhere in the world can make their own way to Honiara to join these dive trips.

To view and book please follow this link and book direct through our partner operators’ website’s.


Solomon Islands Dive Festival 2018

The Annual Solomon Islands Dive Festival was inaugurated in 2017 with the help of the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) with the first one being hosted in the Western part of the country.  A very successful Dive Fest hosted by Dive Munda, Dive Gizo and the Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions (SIDE) live-aboard ship MV Taka showcasing the very best diving on offer in the Western Provinces of the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Dive festival 2018 will be held in the central (Guadalcanal & Florida Islands) part of the Solomon Islands involving local operators Raiders Hotel & Dive, Tulagi Dive, Dive Munda and SIDE.  The 2018 Dive festival will cater to both Recreational/Sport Divers and Technical Divers with a varaity of stunning reefs and historic WW2 wrecks on offer.

Dates are now set for October 1st to 5th 2018 with add-on options for those who wish to arrive early or stay a few days extra.

Package prices are currently under development and will be available by early 2018 on this website.  Watch this space.

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