Info for Fishermen

Please note that we do not offer fishing charters.

If you are fishing off your own boat or intend to charter another operator while here please note the following;

    • Bring your own Eskie, Chilly-Bin or Cooler and plenty of ice to store your catch. (We cannot supply ice)
    • We do not clean, cook or store your catch at Raiders.
    • Please conduct your fish cleaning/filleting etc on the boat before berthing at Raiders
    • If you wish to sell your catch to us then we will credit your account at SBD$20.00/kg (Applies to Spanish Mackerel (Kingfish) only.  Gilled & gutted weight)
    • We do not sell fuel.


We recommend Solomon Sports Fishing Ltd with Master Angler Kane Dysart.

Contact: Kane Dysart or call +677 7310 872

Contact: Kane Dysart or call +677 7310 872