Raiders currently has 10 rooms with 17 beds on offer. There are two room types available, Ensuite & Standard. Ensuite rooms have their own toilet/shower whereas our Standard rooms all share common toilet/shower facilities.

All rooms have a queen size and/or a king single bed in them complete with air-con & ceiling fans.


Internet access is available via our in-house BumbleBee network. Data cards can be purchased over the bar or from any Telekom office in Honiara.

Ensuite Room


Per Night
  • +10% Sales Tax
  • 1 Bed Occupied
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Standard Room


Per Night
  • +10% Sales Tax
  • 1 bed occupied
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Twin Share Ensuite Room


Per Night
  • +10% Sales Tax
  • 2nd bed occupied also
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Twin Share Standard Room


Per Night
  • +10% Sales Tax
  • 2nd bed occupied also
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Wherever possible we source our food locally. The menus are predominantly seafood based accompanied by the large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available on the islands.

Meals prices are as follows:

  • Breakfast SBD$30.00 – SBD$120.00Fish & Chips
  • Lunch SBD$150.00
  • Dinner SBD$150.00
  • Coffee & tea is complimentary

Please advise if there are any special dietary requirements!


No BYO. (Bring your own)

Only Beverages purchased at Raiders may be consumed on the premises. Please do not bring your own alcohol unless you intend to consume it off the premises.

Our bar stocks a limited selection of Aust/NZ Red/White wines (All wines sold by the bottle only @$130.00), soft drinks ($15), bottled water ($10) and Solbrew bottles ($25), we do not stock spirits. Cigarettes $65, Snacks $15.

Payment and Terms

Payment Terms & Conditions

Preferred payment is Cash

Please bring sufficient cash with you as there are no ATM’s or Banks on Tulagi Island.

All major Credit Cards are accepted, however, there is an additional 5% surcharge on all Credit card transactions.

We will accept AUD, USD or any other major currency for payment. We will exchange your currency based on the rates of the day on the following website;, we do not take a commission on foreign exchange but we will round the figure up to the nearest $10 for ease of process.

All rates are in Solomon Dollars and are subject to change without notice.