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Raiders Hotel & Dive is a small boutique hotel located in the small township of Tulagi in the historical Central Province (a.k.a. Florida Islands) of the Solomon Islands. Situated on the waterfront of Tulagi Island overlooking the tranquil waters of Tulagi Harbour and onward to the hills and forests of Ngella.

Tulagi Island was previously the nations capital during colonial rule up until Japanese forces invaded in 1942. The Japanese occupied the Solomons until mid 1943 when the US and Allied forces invaded and ended the Japanese occupation.

The harbour was then home to the US and Allied fleet and served as the launch point for the invasion and subsequent battle of Guadalcanal from which the USMC 1st Marine Raiders Battalion gained their battle honours and notoriety.

Raiders Hotel & Dive is named as such to recognise and commemorate the USMC 1st Marine Raiders Battalion.

Also based in Tulagi at this time was the USN PT boats, notably, the famed PT-109 under the command of J.F. Kennedy who later became shipwrecked whilst on patrol in the Western part of the country. After his rescue he returned to the US and took his place in the Oval Office as president of the United States.

Raiders Hotel & Dive caters mainly to recreational divers and dive groups who are attracted by the opportunity to dive multiple WW2 aircraft & ship wrecks. Additionally they have easy access to number of pristine reefs and wall dives with an abundant selection of corals, reef fish and pelagic species. For the non-diver there are options to snorkel, hike, kayak, bird-watch, go fishing, village visits or take a guided tour around the WW2 sites which still remain and more.

Owner/Operators Bob and Yvie both hail from New Zealand and have spent the last 30 years travelling and working abroad. From Antartica to the Arctic Circle and all places in between, they have survived, thrived and lived in some of the most challenging and diverse places on the globe.

Moving to the Solomon’s in 2009 they worked and lived in the capital city of Honiara. In 2014, tiring of the corporate life, they decided on a change of pace and purchased what is now known as Raiders Hotel & Dive.

Their operating mantra is simple, provide a clean and comfortable place to stay with good food, cold beer and a friendly and relaxing environment where you feel at home and welcome.

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